Is Decision Making the Heart of Leadership?

April 18, 2014

????????????????????????????????????????Decision making in organizations today here in Mid-Northern Michigan involve problem solving and an array of choices.  It is very important that decisions are made with confidence and not speed; yet at the same time they must be made for the overall good of the team, the department and the company. Making successful decisions is never an easy exercise. Decision making, the heart of leadership and its success, moves the entire organization to positive goals and objectives. It is the most important ingredient to growth and success.

The following six guidelines will assist leaders, managers, and employees in making better choices and higher quality decisions:

  • Use time wisely: speed is not as essential as assurance. Assess every aspect of the situation and make the choice.
  • Stick to core values and guiding principles: These are “road maps” to decision making motivations. Do what is right for the organization and company.
  • Assess alternatives: Look at alternatives. Create possibilities and chose the best one.
  • Look at the past and the present: Every past decision has a history. The past often is the key to the present and the future.
  • Make the right choice: Once consensus is reached by the leader and the team move forward.
  • Total accord: When everyone is quickly behind a decision without disagreement, it could be Groupthink. Listening to discussion and disagreement makes the final decision even stronger. 

Choices and results drive quality decisions. It is important to remember as a leader and manager. Making the right decisions for the right reasons, enforces the Carnegie Principles, and makes the team and the organization stronger. Business is only as good as the decisions it makes on a day-to-day basis. Quality decision making makes sense for everyone involved.


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