6 Aspects for Sales Advantage

March 25, 2014


In our area, sales success is a hybrid of both personal and professional success. Engaging prospects and making good contacts have to be genuinely relational. Paying attention to every single aspect of information gathering and opportunity will make the client relationship a strong one. Everything in sales happens through people and it happens with purpose.

Dale Carnegie Training offers the following six aspects for a sales advantage:

  • Know and understand the potential client:Establishing the customer’s reasons for the purchase will often determine the outcome and its success. Customers buy from sales professionals they know and trust. Give them the time needed to get comfortable.
  • Be the best at what you do: Solid sales professionals know both products and services. They know the industry and the competition. They are students who learn more and more about what they do. They blend skill with value. Their presentations are complete and interactive.
  • Actively listen: Offer ideas that are not typical sales pitches. Have a genuine interest in the client’s needs first. Ask clear open-ended questions that start conversations and minimize uncertainty and reservation. Be friendly and understanding during the entire process..
  • Offer solutions to problems: Every problem needs a solution. Customers want answers and come to you with reasons. Each solution should be as unique as the client. Listening is again the key ingredient.
  • Respect everyone you meet: Accept everyone and never stereotype. Uncover the reasons if the client seems upset or is rude. Every customer has a story; just ask how you can help.
  • Serve the client: Long after the sale is over, make sure the customer knows that you care. Stay in touch on a regular basis so that you remain in their memories. Sales is built solely on service through customers and referrals. Always follow up and follow through. Make it the rule.

It takes a solid professional to be an effective salesperson. Remember that a sales career is one where you can make as much as you want in income or a little as you want. Every day, the choice to Win Friends and Influence People is critical to continuous improvement.    


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