Tips for Effectively Dealing with Customer Complaints

April 2, 2013

ID-10018766The first thing to understand is that customer complaints are a part of doing business. And how you deal with customer or client complaints comprises a critical part of delivering exemplary customer service. It is important to remember that customer complaints present an opportunity to provide a memorable interaction where you can provide value to the customer. Here are 5 ways to effectively deal with customer or client complaints from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Mid-Northern Michigan:

1. Get all the facts — Make sure that you listen to the customer and ask questions. It is only after you completely understand the situation that you can provide a solution that is acceptable to both you and the customer or client.

2. Once a decision is reached, act! — One of the most important elements of customer service is follow-through. It is critical that when handling a customer complaint that you deliver the solution and close the loop which can mean calling or emailing the customer or client.

3. Don’t Expect Gratitude — You will never please everyone and sometimes you might go above and beyond the call of duty and receive no recognition. Let it go. You’re not there for the glory; you’re there to service your customer.

4. Create happiness for others — With each customer interaction you have the opportunity to provide memorable value. This opportunity intensifies when there is a customer or client complaint and you take actions to make everything right for them.

5. Put enthusiasm into your work — Attitude is contagious. If you have a good attitude and greet customers and clients with that attitude you can change the dynamic of the exchange instantly. Address each customer complaint with enthusiasm and you will find that most people will be easy to work with!


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