The 6 Ways to Build Customer Service Integrity

April 19, 2012

The integrity of customer service is absolutely essential in Mid and Northern Michigan. From the pizza restaurant in Owosso to the car wash in Alpena, it is customer service that brings people in the door of your establishment.

Because customer and client service is the heart and soul of every organization, it sets the tone for both reliability and credibility of both product and service. Here are some strategies for managing the best customer service environment:

  • Make a clear commitment: The foundation for service integrity is always found in people. Hiring the best available employee is essential.
  • Start and finish with leadership: Every work day, the decisions everyone makes on behalf of the customer will determine both profit and success.
  • Have a foundation of trust: This very short word has a very lengthy purpose for everyone in the service industry. Without trust, there is nothing to build on.
  • Make ethics a part of the culture: Moral standards, professional conduct and character mean something to the consumers here in the part of Michigan where the economy is still very tough.
  • Rapport with staff and clients: Treating everyone with courtesy and setting the right example goes a long way to builds opportunity for all involved in the process.
  • Respect for others: What we learned in first grade continues to be integral to any situation or concern. Just treating others as you would want to be treated means a lot to everyone involved.

If we look at service as truly relational in concept, it is very easy to see that by putting people first, everything else will fall into place. Here in Michigan, when the economy really turns the corner, our businesses will be ahead of the game and focused on making the most of what we have in resources. These are “Carnegie like” principles that make sense in today’s customer service integrity.


In reference to this Dale Carnegie article on customer service integrity, please click below for classes and additional information.

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