7 “Must Have” Skills that Employees Need Today!

February 20, 2012

There are certain skills in business that you have to master for continued success in this 2012 economy.  Here in America, organizations are looking at every single advantage to have an edge with the growing competition across the globe. The biggest advantage that any business can have always has been people. Human capital is more valuable than gold and the better the people, the better the business success.

There are seven “must have” skills that employees need today, and surprisingly none are job specific.
But each of them must be mastered as people skills so individuals grow in opportunity. Some of these
skills just come from common sense, but others come from the efforts of Dale Carnegie Training.

  • Positive Attitude: How people face problems and challenges and turn them into opportunities and objectives are integral to team and team building.
  • Being Independent: Working without constant supervision and review, and consistently finishing work on time are keys to individual and group success.
  • Professionalism: How people carry themselves at work, on social networks, and offsite in meetings are critical to maintaining the reputation of both the organization and the individual.
  • Planning and Organizing: How an assignment is developed and completed depends solely on how it is assessed and started. Organization is central to time and budget savings.
  • Manage and lead: Leaders take the lead and managers manage regardless of position. In every area of the company, job titles are less important than contribution.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Everyone is different and yet everyone is the same. Listening, involving, and supporting the initiatives of everyone are essential in relationship building.
  • Confidence: Believing in people and believing in yourself, regardless of mistakes and risks, make you a better employee in the long run. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. And begin again.

People who have these skills must continue to improve them through self- assessment and quality training. Being better tomorrow, regardless of economic conditions, is the cornerstone of Dale Carnegie.

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