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February 9, 2012


Being in senior management is a pretty good thing. Now we do not mean Senior Management, we mean senior management. It is an aspect of leadership that is not as well researched as some others. In this senior management, the leader is older than 50.

Baby Boomer managers should really be in high demand. According to a recent study, the average CEO in the United States is 55. In fact, Dale Carnegie was at his best well into his 60’s. In Mid-Michigan, there are a lot of Boomers with a ton of history who are looking for a different opportunity. It is indeed the perfect time of life to look for continuing a career with a little different spin. Companies can use this invaluable resource to make the team better.

Leadership of this quality has more than a “silver” lining. These unique qualities only come from time.

  • Experience: The only way to get experience is to get experience. The older you are as a leader, the more challenges you have witnessed and overcome.
  • Wisdom: There is no pain without some gain. Decades of problem solving and decision making just make the quality of  choices in the future  so much better.
  • Motivation: Younger managers always look up to the leaders who have continued to be successful regardless of the economy.
  • Character: These senior managers all have a history and a personality based on that array of experience. These leaders do not get rattled. They lead with courage and experience.

Boomer leaders are in a continued position to build strong relationships based on experience, values, beliefs and attitude.  Because they have witnessed life through the big picture of personal and professional history, they are able to manage across the generations with the continued focus of creating opportunity for every member of the organization.

When leadership is based on time and experience, it will be focused on asking the right questions not just giving the right answers. You simply cannot put a price on that.

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