Tips for Winning Friends and Influencing People

January 9, 2012

Being an effective businessperson requires a lot of training and skills that are developed through experience over many years. However, a large part of those skills comes down to simply knowing how to win friends and influence people. From the first impression to daily interaction, following these basic steps can go a long way to improving your business relationships and being a more productive and efficient employee.

The first time that you meet someone, especially in a business relationship, can often make or break the relationship, not just with that person but with his or her business as well. For this reason it is important that you impress not only with your look but with your personality as well. Smile upon meeting; show them that you truly are pleased to meet them. Inquire about them and their business; don’t just allow the conversation to revolve around you. And most importantly, remember their name.

Once the relationship has been established, that doesn’t mean that you can relax. Continue to take an interest in them as a person; inquire about their activities, family, etc. Be honest and sincere and really take an interest in them as a person. If they feel valued and appreciated, they will be more willing to not just work with you but go above and beyond what is required.

Sometimes working closely on a project can cause unnecessary tension between co-workers. One way to avoid this is by being mindful of your criticism. Don’t automatically jump to the negative; rather listen carefully to their opinion, show appreciation for their thoughts, and positively explain your decision. Arguing and demanding your way all the time will only cause others to close up and lose their desire to work with you in the future.

Don’t underestimate the power of honesty and sincerity. When you take a sincere interest in others it will show and the respect that others have for you will grow.

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