Career-Minded Escanaba Teens Explore Manufacturing Jobs

November 7, 2011

A recent article by Yona Gavino that appeared in Upper Michigans, talks about a group of Escanaba High School students who are exploring career options. The students took part in a tour, coordinated by Michigan Works! The Job Force Board, at Engineered Machined Products. The common thread among the touring students was a common interest in manufacturing and preparing themselves for life after graduation.

According to the article, EMP officials give about four to six student tours every year to show students what it’s like in the manufacturing industry. There’s a wide range of jobs, and a lot of new technology is used.

Senior Vincent Manitowabi, who still doesn’t know what he wants to do in his career, but is hoping to land an entry-level position at EMP after graduation, said, “We’re the shapers of the world, we’re the young minds. We need to step it up. We need to learn how to do stuff and do it right. A lot of kids, they just don’t care anymore.”

Jeni Spaulding, an instructor of the yearlong program, has especially high hopes for her students. “For me,” explains Spaulding, “I think it’s hearing the things we’re trying to impart within the classroom from someone else. From an employer, from someone who is working in a business to say, it’s those good work habits that you bring. It’s the attitude, the attention to detail.”

We here at Dale Carnegie Training of Mid & Northern Michigan applaud the Escanaba High School, the participating students, the instructors, and EMP for initiating this endeavor. We’d also like to remind career-minded students that in addition to technical skills and knowledge that you may assimilate along the way, it is just as important to develop effective communications and human relations skills.

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One Response to Career-Minded Escanaba Teens Explore Manufacturing Jobs

  1. Aly on November 7, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    Hi John – I work for a gangway manufacturer here in Houston, Texas. Educating the next generation of engineers and manufacturers is so important. They will face different problems and really a different industrial culture than those of us today. Manufacturing is so important to the US economy, we can’t afford not to have the best and brightest coming into the field.

    Bravo to Escanaba High and Michigan Works! Thanks for sharing – Aly

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