Is Technology Turning Children Anti-Social?

October 28, 2011

An interesting article found on written by Kate Fox, a Multi-Media Journalist for 7 & 4 News, talks about whether today’s technology is making kids anti-social.

The rationale is with the proliferation of social media, texting, cell phones and computers, neuro scientists and social scientists are worried that it may alter a child’s brain functions, particularly in social skills. The article states that according to data from the Pew Internet American Life Project, 93% of young people are now online, 73% are on social networking sites and 75% own their cell phones.

With this increased access comes new and ongoing research from experts who are looking at how all that screen time could affect a child’s ability to communicate effectively.

Not all children will be affected, of course. Those that are outgoing and extroverted will likely remain that way when interacting with others face-to-face. The problem, however, lies with the child who has introverted tendencies to begin with, who then progressively hides more and more behind the shield of electronic communication rather than developing his or her interpersonal skills.

For these children, it’s important that parents monitor the time their child spends on their computer and cell phone. Left unchecked, it could provide a wall for them to hide behind that is increasingly more difficult to break down.

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