The Pro in Profit

October 21, 2011

As professionals, let’s look at profits for a minute. It is often said that profits are the byproduct of a successful organizational team.  If you place your people first then most of the time profits will organically and almost magically come to fruition. Employees usually grow at the same rate that profits and success do. Additionally, training is more focused when these aspects of the business are healthy.  Customers become a natural referral fan club and they come back for both products and services. It is all about the experience.  Just as a long life is the byproduct of good practices, profit is the byproduct of solid organizations.

Most of you who read this are already in the choir. Within Dale Carnegie it is well known that if you grow your people, you will also grow your profits. BUT, there are many managers out there who focus on money and profit first at the expense of everyone else and they have employee and customer concerns galore.  Such strong emphasis on profits ONLY will create and sustain a varying amount of greed. And it was greed that took down much of what we had in this once strong Michigan economy.

There are many private and one major public institution within the state today, all bureaucratic in nature, that truly need to be walked,  and quickly to the proverbial shed.  For this great state and our country to grow out of this current recessional cycle we must put our people first and our profits last.  Our profits will do just fine if we allow training and growth for all areas within the organization.

It simply starts with people. Make sure they are all good at what they do. Make sure they put the clients first and that they really care for them. Give employees the right tools and the Carnegie training they need.  Treat them right and watch the profits grow.  Just remember that this is a major paradigm shift for many, but I urge you to try these Carnegie principles and see if your team can line up and work for the good of the business and in the best interests of both your people and your customers. Your profit depends on it.  Your organization is an organization of people; profits will come. Put the pro back in profit.

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