October 4, 2011

Back in September 1964, John, Paul, George and Ringo came off the plane in Detroit and played two concerts at Olympia Stadium. The Beatles landed in Michigan for the first time on their very first American tour.  In organizations, there are a variety of employees who can at times remind us of some very famous Beatles’ songs. It makes no difference if they are leaders, coworkers, cohorts, or associates.

Now that we have you thinking, where is this blog going?  How can John, Paul, George, and Ringo define the temperament, personality, and habits of the people around us? This is so Sixties!

Actually there was a voluminous amount of organizational assessment that was launched by disciplines like organizational behavior and industrial psychology in that decade of business freedom, growth and self discovery. But this is more White Album than white paper. And it was not all the Beatles. It was the following classics that were written by the song writing legends, the duo of Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

And you know, although we are being mostly facetious with what you are about to read, there might be a semblance of something real here below. Leaders and managers should take note.

To have a great organization, everyone must sing from the same sheet of music!

  • Help! Remember the guy who always needs this to finish that critical report?
  • I Want To Hold Your Hand. These employees sometimes only work when you do this.
  • A Hard Day’s Night.  Although work does pay the bills, you have forgotten the name of your kids.
  • Fixing a Hole. These people seem so busy while leaning on their “shovels”.
  • Eight Days a Week. You just saw next week’s work schedule.
  • Good Day Sunshine. You are the first one in the office while your subordinates are still sleeping.
  • Please Please Me.  These employees volunteer for everything and promise everything but nothing gets accomplished.
  • Mean Mr. Mustard.  Hopefully this is not the one who owns your business.
  • I’ll Be Back. Have you ever made a cold sales call?

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