Dance Your Way to Your Goals

September 29, 2011

By this time in your life, it’s a sure bet that you have knowledge of what goals are and what they mean to you.  If you are waving this off or deciding whether you should read beyond the first paragraph, you probably haven’t made your list of goals nor have you even tried to achieve any of them.  You probably do not realize the importance of having goals in order to realize your dreams in life.  If this is the case, then you really should read on.

Setting your goals and following the steps you need to take in achieving them is much like the steps of a dance.  Does a two-step work with only one step?  Does a waltz work with only two steps?  Of course they don’t.  In order for the dance to be graceful and entertaining, you have to follow each step to the music.  In Northern Michigan, the music can prompt you to do more of contemporary dance, taking the steps you feel from the music.  In other words, sometimes the economic times determine the goals you set and how your achieve them.  The biggest thing is to never quit “dancing.”

Each time the music changes, start dancing again.  Every time you achieve one of your goals, write a new one.  Making and achieving goals is an ongoing process.  You cannot stop after one or two steps and let life happen around you, no more than you can stop dancing while the music still flows.  In most dances, there is a partner to consider.  The same is true in life.  A lot of your goals and dreams probably include that partner.  If you give up on your dreams, not only do you let yourself down, but your partner also.

A line dance can be a lot of fun, with a whole group of people taking the same steps to the same music.  There is a feeling comradery and friendship.  However, don’t apply that line dance to your goals and dreams.  You cannot compare your dreams, goals and successes to those of someone else.  There are times when you have to get out of the line and express your own moves to that same music.  Create your future in your own expressive moves.  Flow with the music of the times.  And whatever you do, never sit out on a dance toward reaching your goals.

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Photo credit: Bill Ward

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