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September 13, 2011

Looking to make your next employment move? You can get hired faster than up to 97% of other job seekers by doing two simple things almost nobody else is doing: 1) write down a job search goal and 2) read it out loud 10 times a day.

Why? Because By continuously vocalizing your goal you’re reaffirming to yourself (actually, your subconscious) as to what your intents are. Do this and you’ll find a job faster as a result. Guaranteed.

Here’s how…

Depending on which self-help book you read or success guru you listen to, only about 3% to 10% of the population has written goals, with deadlines. To prove this, ask yourself if you have written goals. Probably, you don’t. Now go ask 10 friends. If they’re honest, only about one will answer yes.

The point is this: Only a tiny percentage of people take the effort to decide exactly what they want in life and then write it down in the form of clear, specific goals.

This may explain why only a tiny percentage of people rise to the top in any profession. Why a tiny percentage are truly happy in their work. Or why a tiny percentage of people sail from one rewarding job to the next, as if they were following a blueprint for success.

Well, that’s exactly what written goals are—mini-blueprints for success.

Think about it. Would you hire an architect to build you a home who refused to draw a blueprint? You’d think he was nuts, of course, and show him the door.

And yet, I’ll wager that more than 90% of people look for work with no written goals of any kind. Is it any wonder so many folks meet with so much frustration and take so long to get hired?

OK. Let’s get you a job search goal and then burn it into your brain, so you will get focused, get motivated and get hired. Fast.

There are two steps to this goal-setting process.

Step 1) Decide on the job you want and write it down on a 3×5 “goal card.” Be specific in terms of employment goals, and give it a due date (so your subconscious knows you’re serious).

Step 2) Reinforce your goal until it’s crystal clear in your mind’s eye. To do this, read your goal out loud 10 times every morning. Then, put your 3×5 “goal card” in your pocket and refer to it during the day as many times as possible.

Soon, your life will organize itself around finding your ideal job, as your subconscious goes to work. You’ll start to see employment leads where before there appeared none. Try this two-step process for the next 30 days and see for yourself. The worst that can happen is you’ll have a very clear idea of the job you seek. And at best, you’ll be working.

What have you got to lose?

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