What Makes a Powerful Presentation?

July 1, 2011

The stronger the presenter, the greater the impact on the audience.

How many times have you sat through a presentation and been completely bored?  You may try to focus on the speaker’s message, however your mind wanders and concentration proves difficult.  It’s a normal reaction to a presentation given by a person who isn’t passionate, engaging and/or experienced in speaking in front of large groups.

Almost 100 years ago, Dale Carnegie said, “This is the day of dramatization.  Merely stating the truth isn’t enough.”  Just as his Human Relations principles are tried and true; this statement definitely applies in today’s workplace.  Whether a person is persuading colleagues, selling a client or empowering a team, the power of his/her presentation makes the difference between success and failure.

Stellar public speakers use showmanship in both verbal and physical communication.  Dale Carnegie also said, “The truth has to be made vivid, interesting, dramatic.  You have to use showmanship.  The movies do it.  The radio does it.  And you will have to do it if you want attention.”  If the person presenting is not passionate about his/her topic, why should the audience be excited about it? 

Perfect public speakers exhibit the following skills and characteristics when giving presentations:

  1. They are able to make a powerful first impression and do so quickly.
  2. They demonstrate credibility by sharing their experience, examples and answering questions with factual and compelling responses.
  3. They are able to present complex information in a manner that the audience understands.
  4. Their communication style has a large and positive impact on the audience.
  5. They are able to motivate others into action.
  6. Pressure situations are no cause for alarm as they know how to react and diffuse stress or any frustration level.
  7. Their communication style inspires the audience to embrace the ideas, changes, etc. being presented.

Professionals who have some public speaking experience, but are struggling or not presenting to the best of their abilities can unleash their presentation potential by enrolling in the upcoming Dale Carnegie High-Impact presentations course.   The experience in this course is as close as one can get to having a personal, public speaking coach. Participants present at least seven times over the course of two days and their presentations are videotaped and evaluated. Better yet, each participant benefits from one-on-one coaching at the end of each presentation.

The next course kicks off n Thurs, July 21st in Saginaw, MI. 

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