What can we learn from local business owners?

March 29, 2011

traverse cityIf you’re lucky enough to have made it to the top, surely you’ve learned a thing or two making your way up there.

Some local business owners are sharing some tips, from taking a hard look at how you can redevelop your business to scheduling in family time, in a recent piece by the Traverse City Business News:

– Diversify. A wider customer base means you can better weather a hit from one industry.

– Build up your Internet presence. There’s no fighting the digital age. People want to research your company before they do business with you.

– Keep customer service the mainstay of your business — always.

– Keep an eye on similar businesses and be willing to consider new innovations.

These tips seem like common sense when you read them — putting the customer first is essential to any business, and companies have been diversifying since the beginning. But these business owners were able to use these principles to take their business to the next level — to make them successful.

What do you think? Have you been using any of these tips, or similar tips, to build your own success story? What piece of advice would you offer?

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