How is your business represented on review websites?

March 3, 2011
Angry Typing

Don't let this be the end of your customer service relationship!

Is your business represented on online review sites such as Yelp? There’s a very good chance that it is, but are you aware of what people are saying about you?

If your business has negative reviews, the important thing is to make sure you don’t engage negativity with defensiveness or more negativity; use your Dale Carnegie training and meet negative reviews as if you were standing in front of the person saying those things about you. Understand that most of the time they have valid concerns and just want to be heard.

You can turn negative reviews into positive experiences by talking to the customer who had the bad experience, accepting that they had a bad experience, asking what you can do for them, and doing what you can to help turn their experience into a positive one.

Remember that an interaction with a customer no longer stop when they walk out your door. That is the very nature of social media, the internet, and review sites especially. Use these tools and your skills to foster and grow the relationship even if a customer has had a bad experience.

Check out your business on sites like CitySearch, Yelp, and Google. See what people are saying about you. It can be a huge benefit to you and your customer service efforts!

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